Towards Organic Pest Control from Now on!

The presence of a pest is never a good thing especially if you’re growing a garden or trying to keep your home safe and secure to live in. A pest is any unwanted plant, animal, or organism that causes damage to a plant or crop and structures. Some of the known pests include weeds, termites,Read More

Get to Know the Different Pest Control Companies in USA

A home couldn’t be considered as safe if it is being infested by roaches. In almost all countries all over the globe, it is the roaches that are considered to be the most common form of pest in one’s household. The usual cockroach that can be found indoors is the German cockroach. This cockroach specieRead More

Commercial Pest Control – Deciding Whether to Use One or Not to Use

Living our life we wanted to be is just the best reward that we could give to ourselves. But there are times that we had done almost every possible way to get rid of the pests that infested our house property, whatever method we use and whatever brands of pesticides that we spray, still, theRead More

Rodenticides, Pesticides, Insecticides – “The Real Inside on Pesticides”

As a homeowner, you can encounter different kinds of pests that will lurk around your house. It may be an infestation of rats, spiders or even cockroaches. Your pets may be inhabited by ticks and mites. You may encounter an infestation wherever you are. Therefore, it is important that you know how to deal withRead More

Chinch Bugs – Crushed

“What is in the inside will eventually be manifested in the outside.” This maxim proves true to the experience of most homeowners in their diligence in creating a picturesque front yard landscape. After active maintenance of the lawn, there are still some scattered dead patches that appear to be caused by drought conditions. However, ifRead More

Rabbit Repellent: Never Let Their Cute Face Fool You, Repel Them!

Rabbits are really cute when you see them. They can be great pets at home, wandering your garden and play with your little children. Imagine yourself going home from work and you see these little cute darlings, and you can’t help yourself but adore them! Rabbits can be your stress reliever at home and oneRead More

How to Get Rid of Crows: Everything You Need to Know About Driving These Birds Away

This planting season, one of the problems to watch out for are crows. They have been a huge farm problem for countless of years, and they continue to be the same old obnoxious birds until now. They can also be resilient, adapting to the various traps that have been devised against them for years. Let’sRead More

Earwig Control – The Uncomplicated Way

How many times did you have to wake up to the annoying feeling of having an insect inside your ear? For some reason, perhaps the name of the insect, a lot of people have associated this occurrence with earwigs. Some people even experience complications from such insect infestation, which made a lot of people fearRead More

Pest Exterminators – How to Choose the Right Exterminator

We do get things that needed to be done right away especially when it comes to our work and every day activities, however, when we are infested with pets, there will be trouble if we have no time on getting rid of these pests. That is when calling out for a professional pest control willRead More

Affordable and Easy Do-it-yourself Pest Control

If a full blown fumigation is not an option for your household, then you are definitely up for a long list of option to get rid of those bothering pests. More than 80 percent of US residents today are turning to do it yourself pest control to solve this annual problem. For starters, pest controlRead More

Fumigation: Does Your House Really Need it?

When we speak of massive first control, the first thing that easily comes to the mind of the people is an extensive fumigation. This a popular pest control method often used in vast areas, export boxes, and huge establishments to eradicate massive pest problems. The fumigant is technically a gaseous form of pesticide, which designedRead More

Everything You Need to Know About the German Cockroach

The most common form of pest that can be found in the household is the German cockroach. This is a widely-known specie of cockroach that can be found in almost all countries in the globe. It has this distinct brown color with stripes behind its head. The nymphs (younger cockroach) have darker color (almost black)Read More

Canada Goose Control: Killing Them is Not The Optimal Solution

Native to the arctic and temperate regions of North America, the Canada goose, with a scientific name of Brenta Canadensis, is a goose that has color black head and neck, with white patches on the face and an amazing brown body. Interestingly, there are seven subspecies of this bird, but all are identifiable as theRead More

How to Get Rid of Armadillos in Your House

Armadillos are interesting creatures but they cause major havoc in our gardens. If you want to get rid of them, it is important you get to know them first, so that you know what you are up against. Here are some armadillo facts that you may like to consider before you get rid of them.Read More

What are the Different Types of Dangerous Snakes and Snake Repellents

We cannot deny the fact that snakes already have this certain stigma that it is one of the most feared animals in the world. There is already an instant impression that from the very beginning when you talk about these reptiles you know it is dangerous because of it’s fang and venom. But then againRead More

Your Ultimate Guide in Getting Rid of the Squirrel in Attic

The presence of squirrel in your home does not only pose a threat in the home structure itself but as well in the health of the people living in the squirrel-infested house. They have a voracious appetite, chewing away almost anything including the insulation, wires, and even your wooden furniture. When insulation wires are beingRead More

Woodpecker Control – Know the Effective Methods of Woodpecker Control

Woodpeckers are great engineering birds. Because of their building ability, sometimes it may lead to damaging your personal properties like house walls, posts, and attic. Aside from the physical damage they can give to your property, they can also give you a hard time on getting asleep at night due to their noisy pecking constructionRead More

Pill Bug Control – Differentiating Pill Bugs from Sow Bugs and Controlling Them

How to Identify the Major Difference between the Two Bugs Pill Bugs Pill bugs (Armadillidiidae) are terrestrial crustacean group in the order Isopoda, a family of woodlice. The members of this woodlouse are rather unique from the other woodlice families. With their ability to roll and form like a sphere when they feel threatened, theirRead More

How to Get Rid of Spiders – “Indoor and Outdoor Spider Control”

If you want to scare a child, have him or her watch a creepy spider movie. Even adults can get chills when seeing a big, hairy spider. Most horror and sci-fi shows would show biologically enhanced killer spiders attacking humans and cities. In reality, spiders can be both dangerous and beneficial. Urban areas do notRead More

Bear Control – “Bear Safety in Mind”

Not all places are familiar with black bear encounters. But at least most of us may have seen Yogi Bear. This Hanna-Barbera character has depicted how bears can be a nuisance to humans especially during picnic season. If you are from North America, black bear encounters may be common. But rather than fleeing for yourRead More

A Closer Look at Pest Control Cost

While most of the households are now celebrating the entry of spring, which easily translates to sunshine, flowers in bloom, and warm vacations, other group of species are also preparing for a house invasion. We are of course talking here of different house pests, that often invade houses, yards, and gardens starting spring. Some householdsRead More

Grasshopper Control: Yard Pest Control Made Easy

Grasshoppers are renowned to be one of the most difficult pest to control, mainly due to the vastness of their damage. These migratory pests are known to create damages in gardens and farms. One of the reasons why grasshoppers are hard to control is their mobility, as they can be really quick. They are alsoRead More

The Most Humane Feral Control to Date

Feral species are animals that were once domesticated but are now living in the wild. An animal can be considered feral in the following conditions: when they are abandoned, released, or escaped from human captivity. The most common types of feral animals are the house pets like cats and dogs, livestocks such as pigs ,Read More

Thrips Control – “Keeping Thrips Away”

Have you ever heard of thunderbugs? How about storm flies or corn lice? You may be thinking of big insects that are rampant in most agricultural land. However, farmers would know that thunderbugs are small, pesky insects that can damage their crops and decrease its market value. Even greenhouse owners must be aware of thunderbugsRead More

Rat Bait – Irresistible Temptation

Food is a need. All living creatures can not survive without satisfying their necessity for sustenance. The same is true with rats. Aside from the fact that it is a must for them to survive, it also serves as a temptaion they can not withstand. Thus, if you want to catch the rats inside yourRead More

Seagull Control: Get Rid of These Annoying Birds Once and For All

Have you ever tried getting defecated by a seagull in the head? Isn’t it annoying that while you are walking, relaxing, and watching the bay, this bird just ruined it by dropping you their waste? Seagulls can sometimes be a real pain in the head. But before getting into that, we should first get toRead More

Sparrow Control: Let Them Fly and Never Let Them Come Back

With over 50 different species of its kind all over North America alone, Sparrows are unique birds that you can’t just identify when you first look at it. However, these wild birds are the most familiar and most common birds in the world. Their names are also used for the genus family of Passer andRead More

Thorough Centipede Control You Can Apply Now

If there is such thing as beneficial pests, house centipede would be that. Normally, homeowners are crept out with the sight of centipedes in their house, fearing the horrible bite that leads to extreme itching and swelling. However, humans are not the only ones that should be scared of the house centipedes, because these pestsRead More

Whitefly Control: How to be More Aggressive with these Pests

A house with a garden gives it a very fresh look from the outside and provides a healthy environment on the inside. Ornamental plants and vegetables are the common choice for avid gardeners making the entire process of creating and maintaining a garden difficult. Adding to the difficulties would be the possibility of a whiteRead More

Be an Expert Fly Killer in Less than a Week

More than 90% of the homeowners asked about the most annoying house pests for hem answered flies. This result is not surprising considering how universal flies, specifically cluster flies have been in the past decades. Regardless of the continent, flies have always managed to invade houses and spoil food all over the world. Cluster fliesRead More

The Only Guide You Need for Squirrel Traps

Squirrels may look cute and harmless but wait and see before they chew away your wooden furniture, step on your garden bed, attack your bird feeder, and munch on your seedlings. They may generally fall under ‘preys’ in the wild but in human perspective, they can be a real headache. There is multitude of waysRead More

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder: Things that Every Bird Owner Should Know

If you’re passionate about birds, then bird feeders may no longer be something new to you. Also known as tray feeder or bird table, a bird feeder is a specially-designed structure often placed outdoors to provide birds with food (could be seeds or bird food). In some instances, bird feeders are used for bird watching.Read More

Beaver Trapping – “Controlling the Eager Beaver”

When you hear the word beaver, you imagine adorable creatures building dams. However, did you know that beavers are considered the largest rodents in North America? To understand is a need for beaver control, one must actually know more about beavers including their behavior and habitat. Beaver Biology Beavers thrive in aquatic areas because natureRead More

How to Get Rid of Scorpions – “Scorpion Danger in Your House”

Most dare contests involve scorpions crawling into the contestant’s body. You see buckets of scorpions being poured in a glass chamber with the contestants stricken with fear because of the scorpion’s infamous sting. Media has indeed established scorpions as dangerous creatures. But did you know not all scorpions can kill you? Scorpions have different sizesRead More

Flea Spray – “Spray and Control Fleas Away”

Have you ever worried about fleas infesting your precious pets and house? Most pet owners dread the day they see fleas jumping around their furry friends. There are many ways to flea-proof your house and pets. It is best to know the enemy and evaluate your options in order to avoid flea infestation. Flea InfestationRead More

Rat Infestation- Exterminated

The invasion of rats in many households is one of the most common pest problem in different societies. They post detrimental effects in every home especially in the filed of health, economy and even ecology at large. Health risks are proven to be one of the most threatening effects of rat infestation for in seriousRead More

Opposum Control – How to Deal with These Extremely Dangerous Animal Pests

Anyone who had to deal with the troubles with opposum pests can attest too how rough the process can get. Unlike other animal pests, simply killing or trapping opposum to death is not allowed. Lest you find the need to eventually get rid of opposum, you will have to look for ways to drive themRead More

Making Turkey Vultures Control Possible in Your Home

For most people, discovering that turkey vultures have invaded their space is a real nightmare. It seems to be a dead-end, because unlike other house pests, it is not possible to simply kill these creatures. With the spring and summer coming, a lot are already raising concerns regarding the possible resurgence of these birds pestsRead More

Gopher Control – Managing Gophers and Keeping Them Away

Gophers are professionals when it comes to locating your favorite plants and eating them, giving you headache while leaving your neighbor’s lawn unharmed. This is the type of vermin they portray. Every time you attempt to catch them when they are out, they will just run back to their tunnels and you are left helplessRead More

Termite Control – Ways and Means in Dealing with the Silent Destroyers Known as Termites

Have you met the “silent destroyer”? If not, do not wish that you would. When you speak of the silent destroyer you are referring to insects that are popularly known as termites. Termites are insects that are a constant nuisance to home and commercial areas. It is a eusocial insect that is accepted as partRead More

Squirrel Repellent: Your Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Squirrels

If you’ve been used to live in a community where squirrel problem is common, you know pretty well that behind these seemingly innocent mammals are sources of destruction for your garden, home, and bird feeders. They may look harmless but wait and see until they step and destroy your flowers, eat away your young seedlings,Read More

How to Get Rid of Squirrels: The Dos and Donts

Squirrels are fascinating animals. Their arboreal living and variety makes them more interesting. While they are generally considered as preys in the wild, these furry animals can be a real nuisance once they get inside your home, eat the bird seeds, and run over your garden. But, before you get your hands into the drasticRead More

Flying Squirrels: The Ultimate Guide that You Need

The animal kingdom is simply amazing. There’s always a unique characteristic that is solely limited to a few of them; one of these is the ability of some mammals to glide (oftentimes mistaken to be “flying”). The presence of flying squirrels and their unique ability to glide is a perfect example to that. Its ‘flying’Read More

Roof Rats – Risks and Remedies

Roof Rats Spotted The prevelant misconception of what a roof rat is generally common to the populace. Nevertheless, who would want to know anyway. However, in the battle against these rodents, it is worth noting that inorder for you to win, it must a part of your strategy to know and identify what a roofRead More

Rat Repellents – The Right Way

Rats are considered to be one most of the most intelligent living mammals in the planet. They possess a very unique adapting skills that innovates depending on their environment. They easily learn things and apply their knowledge for future adavntages. As a matter of fact, their clever strategy for acquiring food resembles that of aRead More

Rat Traps – Ratified

Thw swarming of rats is indeed an alarming household trouble. Aside from the fact that they could really be very annoying, they also endanger the health of your family. They could be the source of parasitism or diseases that could fatally harm your loved ones. In order to prevent these disturbing incidents from occuring, thereRead More

How to Get Rid of Rats, Forever!

Dangerous Rats Rats have proven the statement, “small but terrible” truthful. The little warm-blooded rodents can fit anywhere and survive everywhere. They compensate their size through the amount of danger they pester to people. The trace of their urine and their droppings that are found everywhere could really be very stinky. In addition, the nuisanceRead More

How to Get Rid of Roaches – Methods Commonly Used to Kill and Keep Roaches Away

No matter how organized and clean your house may be, there will always be a place or a roach infestation area just around the corner in almost every house or property, lurking in the night and eating your left overs as soon as the lights are out. Distinguishing these pests are not hard, the adultsRead More

Pigeon Diseases – Types and Symptoms of Diseases You Will Get From Pigeons

People see pigeons as friendly animals. These animals are always open to be fed and entertained in any time of the day. But because these pigeons are multiplying at a rapid state, this has been the cause of most people’s problems as well. These urbanized pigeons are called feral pigeons. Aside from the flapping disturbancesRead More

Pigeon Trap – Tips on How to Deal With Pigeons Using These Traps

Yes, these pigeons really are close to humans. But did you know that these pigeons have been causing great damage and inconvenience to house properties, building properties, public structures, and even car hoods, almost every place they are a threat. Their droppings contain chemicals that are harmful to dry paints when exposed long term. NotRead More

Pigeon Control – Potential Diseases We May Get From Pigeon Droppings

Pigeon Problems The common urban pest birds are identified as the Feral Pigeons. These pigeons damage and create a mess in and around your house when they decide to roost to a certain place, mostly are located under the roof. Flapping disturbances, insanitary droppings and even noise are just some of these problems you mayRead More

Pigeon Spikes – How Effective Are They and Where to Get Them

Pigeon these days are called “flying rats” due to the potential cause and damage they can give to us humans. Knowing the potential damage they can give is quite disturbing. From house property paints, roofs, monuments, public places, car hoods, to every place they may seem to please, their droppings can be located. Their droppingsRead More

Pigeon Repellent – Know the Real Cause Before Taking Actions

Pigeons are known to have caused major damages in private properties and public places now. Even cars are facing major problems for repaints from pigeon’s droppings. Their droppings also contain bacteria and fungi that are harmful to human health which is a threat for us. They are most likely to be found from your houseRead More

How to Get Rid of Pigeons – Ways to Keep them off

Pigeons are wonderful birds and are everywhere in the country now from over 2 thousand years ago. Because they adapt to the environment easily these days, their existence have become a major problem to house properties and cars in a short span of time. Getting rid of them on your own can be a dauntingRead More

How to Get Rid of Bees – “Minding Your Real Bees Wax”

It is spring time and you get to take time to smell the flowers. Your garden is in full bloom. Your children are waiting to get to the yard and play the whole afternoon. You hear a buzzing sound and see a tiny winged insect flying around your garden. You’ve seen a bee once orRead More

How to Get Rid of Wasps – “What is Up with Wasps”

Springtime is a wonderful time to get out of the house and play with your children in your yard. You will occasionally encounter buzzing sounds from bees pollinate flowers around your garden. But watch out as those buzzing insects may not be bees but wasps! Wasps belong to the order Hymenoptera and are composed ofRead More

How To Get Rid of Raccoons – “Raccoons Can Be Pests, Not Pets”

There are many wildlife animals that turn out to be great pets. As children, we tend to fancy any animal that looks different from our usual cats and dogs. This is one of the reasons why people would collect exotic animals as their pets. Others would prefer to be on the safe side and justRead More

How to Keep Birds Away – “Bye Bye Birdie”

Birds are beautiful creatures. There are some days when you are stuck in the office that you just stare outside and wish you were a bird. Wouldn’t it be nice to fly and be free? Birds also make great pets as they can be low maintenance especially for a child. Their colorful feathers are aRead More

Flea Medicine – Treat Away Those Fleas

Flea infestation can be a pet owner’s nightmare. You see your furry one scratching and suffering from hair loss. If not treated, flea bites on your pet can be fatal. Those tiny, wingless creatures can jump all over your place and into your pet’s skin. It can feed on your pet and even lay itsRead More

Flea Collars: Yay or Nay?

You just got your new furry friend. You’ve got her basics covered – food and water bowl, a bag of dog food, grooming essentials and even a collar with a name tag. You remember how your neighbour’s dog got infested with fleas and wondered if you need to purchase a flea collar. So, what doRead More

Flea Infestation – Feel Flea-Proof at Home

Seeing your dog or cat scratching incessantly can be a pet owner’s nightmare. It can mean your pet has been infested with tiny, brown wingless creatures that suck their blood. Before you start making your own version of a flea dip, make sure you understand how fleas multiply. Understanding the enemy helps you plan forRead More

Flea Control – Ditch Em All

Fleas can be one’s worst nightmare. Those wingless, tiny brown blood-sucking parasites can be harmful to both your pet and your family. Fleas are known to infest their hosts with various diseases. If not treated correctly, they can even cause anemia to your pets. It is therefore important to know how to control flea infestation.Read More


You are enjoying Sunday with the kids and your family dog out in the park. It’s such a nice day that you may have missed that small brown bug with a hard shell crawling in your child’s skin. Suddenly, your child feels itchy and tiny red bumps slowly appeared. Time to check if your childRead More

Flea Treatment – Knowing Your Flea Treatment Correctly

Have you ever worried about fleas jumping around your pet’s skin? Fleas can be pet owner’s worst nightmare. These brown, wingless blood-sucking pests can be fatal for your pets. Flea bites can also cause severe allergic reaction to your skin. Flea bites on more sensitive skin can lead to dermatitis. Your pets can get anemiaRead More

Lizard Control: Your Home Remedies in Getting Rid of House Lizards

Termed as insectivorous reptiles, lizards can be found in different places. House lizards or Common House Gecko on the other hand is a common reptile that can be found in every household. If you see a reptile crawling up on your ceiling, then probably you do have house lizard at home. A Common House GeckoRead More

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks: Do Not Let Their Cuteness Trick You

Who does not love chipmunks? These cute and tiny creatures are just funny and lovable. With their eyes so small bulgy body, you really can’t just love them. Chipmunks belong to the family of ground-dwelling, squirrel-like rodent species. They are mostly found in eastern parts of Canada, and in the United States, specifically in NorthRead More

Mosquito Control: Prevent these Bugs from Harming Your Family

Coming from the family of Culicidae, mosquitoes are considered small and midge-like flies. Most species of mosquitoes are considered to be quite a disturbance because they consume by sucking blood from living vertebrates especially with human beings. It is a known fact that female mosquitoes are the ones who only suck blood, not the femaleRead More

Ant Traps: Your Comprehensive Guide in Choosing the Best Ant Traps and Killers

Ants in general are just your friendly neighborhood. Why? Simply because they are just the one who feed on other insects that may invade your home. They make the ecosystem balance. Moreover, they are the most common type of insects that are found in every household. They can be a real helper, but also, letRead More

Ants with Wings: Knowing your Miniature Nemesis on the Spot

Ants can be a real pain in the head when you see them crawling around your house especially on surfaces that you does not want them to be seen. Often appear during spring season, these tiny insects are considered to be the most common pests that are found in our homes. They might be tolerableRead More

How to Kill Ants: Get Rid of Your Tiny Little Enemies in No Time

Considered to be social insects of the Formicidae family and with over 12000 species in the world, most species of ants are beneficial in the sense that they feed on real pests like bed bugs and fleas. In most cases, these ants are not harmful enough to transmit any disease or cause you any trouble.Read More

Deer Fence – Various Deer Fence and Deterrent to Protect Your Property

Wild animals like raccoons, foxes and coyotes have been a nuisance when it comes to livestock and/or vegetation. Lately, a new animal have been added to this group – the deer. The deer is a ruminant wild animal that belongs to the Cervidae family. Other types of deer includes the white-tailed and black-tailed deer, theRead More

Coyote Hunting – Basic Coyote Hunting Tips for Beginners

Just like a lot of things in this world, Coyotes have their good and bad side. Their cunning abilities and their enigmatic howls have been the subject of many stories in folklore. However these animals also have gotten the bad side of human beings and have earned a reputation as enemy of farmers, livestock ownersRead More

Fox Deterrent Methods You Can Easily Do

Believe it or not there are places where there are foxes in some urban areas and it is not an inviting sight. Being a wild animal, these creatures do belong in the forest. If you happen to see one, it is strongly advised that you don’t go near them nor should you refrain from feedingRead More

Silverfish Bite – Some Facts and Misconceptions

Silverfish is one of those cosmopolitan insects that may not be as destructive as termites but is a nuisance just the same. Having silverfish manifestation can be a cause of alarm, as often than not these pests causes major damage in your home by eating priceless treasures such as photographs, your linen and cotton clothesRead More

How to Get Rid of Silverfish – 9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish Infestation Yourself

Have you seen some yellowish stains in some of your clothes lately? Or have you noticed some holes on your walls and books? If you said yes to these questions then there’s a possibility that these objects may have been eaten by silverfish bugs. The silverfish or fishmoth is a wingless bug that is generallyRead More

Silverfish Bugs – Up Close and Personal With These Nuisance Insects

Silverfish bugs may not be as popular as termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches when it comes to being a major pest in the house. But while this not-so-famous pest may not be as dangerous as the other insects, they are a nuisance all the same. Silverfish insects does not cause major damage as severe as sayRead More

How of Get Rid of Carpet Beetles: Everything You Need to Know About Managing these House Pests

What used to be a pest commonly attributed to northern and coastal areas have eventually invaded the residential areas of the warmer parts United States.. A lot of researches believe that the extreme changes in the climate has driven away a lot of wild species, pests included from their natural habitat. With this, you shouldRead More

Tick Removal Techniques For Every Pet Lover

Ticks have become such common problem among pets, and yet a definite solution remains elusive. Among the house pets, dogs or their puppies are the common victims of flea and tick due to their body covering. Even the most meticulous pet owner can still end up with a pet vehemently scratching due to tick infestation.Read More

How to Get Rid of a Mole: Tricks to Win Your Way Against

Everyone knows how much time and effort it takes to build the perfect lawn. A perfect looking front yard or back yard certainly takes a lot sweat, mud, and at time scratches to come into being. So it’s no surprise how a typical homeowner can easily get frustrated and irritated once a mole ruins thisRead More

Types of Moth Repellent You Can Choose From

Moths, by nature are harmless creatures. However, once they start invading your house, particularly the closet, moths could easily turn into one of the most damaging house pests. Once you see holes and bite marks on your favorite clothes, you will certainly be rushing to find the strongest moth killer you can find to getRead More

Affordable Bed Bug Treatment You can Use at Home

Looking and capturing bed bugs seem to be a never ending chase. Just how are you supposed to beat something you can barely see? Despite the prevalence of the problem, bed bug treatment has not grown to be that popular compared to other parasite treatments. Back in the 1960s, a massive pesticide spraying would readilyRead More

Detecting Bed Bug Signs in Your Home

For most of us, it seems impossible to detect signs of bed bugs until we are bitten. This is completely normal, since even the most meticulous cleaning can still miss the bed bugs signs. These parasites may not be small enough not to be seen by the naked eye, but they can be extremely goodRead More

Bed Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

Science categorizes bed bugs as parasitic insects. These little pests drink blood from their victims causing irritation on the body. When their existence became well-known, people wondered how to kill these bed bugs. This concern gave birth to the first pesticide made as a bed bug exterminator. It led to a widespread killing of bedRead More

What Are Bed Bugs? Everything You Need to Know About these Bed Parasites

It’s both amazing and annoying how tiny creatures like the bed bugs in mattress covers are able to interfere with our sleep. The common night greeting “don’t let bed bugs bite you,” has so much truth to it, considering the power of these insects over our good night sleep. Throughout the years, bed bugs haveRead More